COVID-19 Information

COVID-19 2020-21 Updates

 The link below shows cummulative cases attributed to any school function or property within Berrien County School Districts. 

BCHD/Berrien RESA COVID-19 Dashboard Information


The dashboard below is updated every 24 hours (weekdays) with confirmed data from the Berrien County Health Department and reflects current COVID-19

information based on cases within the instructional setting. 

St. Joseph Public Schools COVID-19 Dashboard
Building # of Current Students/Staff in Quarantine* % of Current Students/Staff in Quarantine* # of Current Confirmed Students/Staff Probable/Positive Cases** % of Current Confirmed Students/Staff Probable/Positive Cases**
Brown Elementary School 5 1.61% 1 .38%
E.P. Clarke Elementary School 3 .73% 0 00%
Lincoln Elementary School 0 00% 0 00%
Upton Middle School 1 .17% 0 00%
SJ High School 2 .21% 6 .68%
* Number/percentage includes current face to face students/staff in 
** Number/percentage of current confirmed positive cases with face to face students/staff.

 Update 1/22/2021

 Berrien County COVID-19 Data 01/08/2020 to 01/14/2020

A.     The trend of Covid-19 (COVID) cases or positive tests, hospitalizations due to COVID; and the number of deaths resulting from COVID in the past 14-day period.

      1. Last week 345 new COVID-19 cases were detected. This reporting week 359 New COVID-19 case were detected.
      2. Over the last week Berrien county is well under 100 cases per day. We are seeing an average of 48 new cases per day trending downward from the previous week.

B.     COVID cases for each day for every 1 million people.

      1. This past week Berrien’s average new case rate is calculated to be 29.31 cases per 100,000 residents or 293.1 Cases per 1 million residents.

C.     The percentage of positive COVID tests over a four-week period.

      1. 7 day % positivity = 10.1%
      2. 14 day % positivity = 10.1%
      3. 28 day % positivity = 9.8%
      4. In the past 3 months Berrien county has the
        • 13th highest percent positivity in Michigan.
        • 3rd Most Tested County per capita in Michigan

D.    Schools

      1. Public health is working to keep schools in person and safe!
      2. Currently 41 positive cases related to schools and 361 people recommended for quarantine work or attend a Berrien County School.


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