St. Joseph High School Foreign Exchange Commitment

St. Joseph High School Foreign Exchange Commitment

St. Joseph High School recognizes interdependency within the global community and places an importance on developing a sense of global citizenship among

high school students.  To this end, educational travel and exchange programs play an important role in this learning process.  As public school educators, we are

pleased to maintain a commitment to providing educational opportunities through collaborative efforts with exchange programs.


Foreign Exchange Procedures

SJHS has established a set of procedures for the enrollment of foreign exchange students.  Host families can download enrollment forms:

Enrollment Forms or an enrollment packet can be picked up from the High School or central office on Lincoln Ave.  Enrollment information must be submitted and approved before a student will be able to enroll in courses.


Foreign Exchange Guidelines

Foreign exchange students who have been awarded a diploma or a certificate of completion in the student's home country will not be enrolled.

Enrollment eligibility will for for one academic school year only, not two terms from two separate academic years.

Each exchange student must be qualified to participate in regular classes and maintain a typical schedule - this means an acceptable level of proficiency in the

English language, a commitment to treat coursework as important, and the social skills to enjoy participation in social and extra-curricular activities.  It is not the

intent of SJHS to provide ESL services.  A TOEFL score of at least 70 (internet), or 500 (paper) is required.  A IELTS of 6 or higher is required.


Foreign exchange students are subject to the same policies, rules of conduct, and attendance requirements as outlined in our student handbook.


Foreign exchange students will be classified in our student information system as seniors only, regardless of age.  They will be allowed to participate in any senior activities

(graduation ceremonies, baccalaureate, senior all night party, senior dinner dance, prom).


A diploma will not be issued.  They will receive a certificate of participation. 


A permanent record will be created for the year of attendance in the St. Joseph Public Schools; however, no class rankings or GPA will be computed for foreign exchange students.


Participating in interscholastic athletic teams involves complying with district and state athletic eligibility regulations, having a current health physical on file, and understanding that many teams require try-outs.


Foreign exchange students must be enrolled in a American literature course (English 10) and United States History, Civics or AP Comparative Government.  A course description book is found at: Course Description Book

A record of all immunizations is required as set forth by the Michigan Department of Health before attending SJHS.