Curriculum Office

Kelly Gaideski, Director of Curriculum

St. Joseph Public Schools Administrative Offices
3275 Lincoln Avenue
St. Joseph, MI 49085

Phone: (269) 926-3209
Fax: (269) 429-5042

Amanda Mortimore, Administrative Assistant
Phone: (269) 926-3122


St. Joseph Board of Education Policy states that the purpose of the St. Joseph Public Schools is to provide and support educational experiences for all students so that each one may be stimulated and guided toward optimal mental growth in learning skills, logical and critical thinking, and good work habits in order to be a responsible member of, and an asset to, the community.

To achieve this end, teachers have or will develop Curriculum Guides. These guides specify the content for each subject, kindergarten through grade twelve. The Curriculum guide is set up to provide a the year or course at a glance (learning goals, knowledge and skills for each unit) and unit outlines (unit overviews, learning goals, instructional strategies/structures, assessment methods, academic vocabulary and key concepts, and the alignment with the Common Core or Michigan State Standards). This curriculum document will be common regardless of the location or the teacher of the class. 

Curriculum guides will be developed and then reviewed and revised according to the SJPS Curriculum Review Cycle; thus, the content and materials are current, pedagogically appropriate, and responsive to changing needs of students. 

At the secondary level, where available, Advanced Placement and Direct Credit classes are intended to provide an early college opportunity for St. Joseph students. While there is a wide range of elective courses, students must meet certain course combinations to fulfill graduation requirements.

Questions relating to the curriculum or enrollment in the St. Joseph Public Schools can be directed to the Curriculum Office at 3275 Lincoln Avenue, St. Joseph, MI 49085 or by contacting Kelly Gaideski, Director of Curriculum, or Amanda Mortimore, Curriculum Assistant at 269-926-3122.

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