Upton Student Handbook


(Approved by the Board of Education)

"Upton Middle School promotes excellence in each individual - intellectually, physically, socially, and emotionally"

 – Upton Middle School Mission Statement



This handbook is designed to help familiarize each student and his/her parent or guardian with the rules and regulations of the school. Become thoroughly familiar with the information contained in this handbook, and keep it as a handy reference, because you will be held accountable for knowing and following it. If you have any questions not addressed in the handbook, you are encouraged to contact your teachers, counselor, or administrator. Suggestions for clarification or improvement are always welcome.



The faculty, staff, and administration welcome you to UPTON MIDDLE SCHOOL and extend best wishes for a successful year.  Upton is a school in which we all take great pride, and I ask you to join us in continuing to build this fine tradition. Your middle school years will be memorable, and I encourage you to work hard in classes and to participate in as many school activities as you can. From this, the true feeling of satisfaction that comes from real achievement will be yours.  The responsibility for a sound education rests with you, the student; however, a highly competent staff is ready to direct your activities and to counsel you in your decisions. I trust you will strive to equal or surpass the fine record which has been established by those before you. Together we can continue to develop the heritage of honor and distinction for those who will come to Upton Middle School.

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