We create a community of safety, trust, and authentic connection.


We ensure student success through a shared commitment to collaborative practices.


We support reflective practices to ensure continuous development of both students and staff.


We understand, honor, and support the needs, interests, and talents of all learners.


Our Mission

To educate each student through rigorous, relevant, and engaging instruction within a supportive learning environment.

Our Vision

To develop critical thinkers prepared to pursue their unique potential and positively impact the world.

Graduate Profile

Critical Thinker • Responsible Individual • Effective Communicator • Open-Minded Evaluator Lifelong Learner • Caring Contributor • Self-Sufficient Achiever

Strategic Focus

Teaching and Learning • Systems of Support • Stakeholder Engagement • Facilities, Operations, Finance, and Human Resources

What sets us apart

Clarke teacher working with student
Passionate Educators

Our dedicated teachers and staff are committed to nurturing young minds. They inspire a love for learning and encourage critical thinking.

Clarke student studying
Student Centered Learning

Our skilled teachers tailor instruction to meet each student’s unique needs. We believe in personalized learning experiences that ignite curiosity and passion.

Clarke students and teacher working through assignments
Connected Community

St. Joseph is more than a school district; it’s a vibrant community. We celebrate diversity, embrace local traditions, communicate and work together to create a brighter future.

Clarke students having a discussion on their team project
Engaged Students

Our students are the heart of our community. They explore, question, and grow, both inside and outside the classroom.